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*The event will be cancelled in the case of bad weather (except for light rain).

Top spinning performance “KOMA NO Take chan”

■October 13(Sat)
(1)10:30- (2)12:30- (3)14:30-
It is a performance show by “koma” god master, Take chan. Performing in media such as television and film appearances with various performances using “koma”, with performances incorporating traditional play, performing acts at various events such as 200 stages a year, child facilities and festivals, he is engaged in communicating charm of koma.

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Kendama performance “Easy”

■October 14(Sun)
(1)10:30- (2)12:30- (3)14:30-
Changing the image of "Kendama", the performance combo "ZOOMADANKE" member Easy's fascinating, variegated performance of Kendama is a must-see!
It is characterized by a play style that make use of his dance experience, and his capability has also been acknowledged by Danish Kendama brand KROM and he is currently active as a KROM pro.

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Shops and Stalls

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In the "East Square" of the park, light meals will be sold, so do stop by if you have a chance.

The event in the same day

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Machinaka Concert Music Program TOKYO

■October 13(Sat), 14(Sun)
(1)11:00- (2)12:20- (3)13:50- (4)15:10-

*20 minutes per performance.
Enjoy vigorous performances in the different atmosphere beyond stages!

Organizers:Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
*Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, Production Section

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